Thursday, August 27, 2015

WEEK 3 - Pancake Creek to Great Keppel Island

Sat 22 Aug - Great Keppel Island
We took Rosie ashore in the semi darkness at 5.45am. The other two boats left - we made the dash to the beach and back almost at low tide then stowed Bob and the outboard. Then the skipper freaked me out saying the others looked to be going very slowly and queried if it was deep enough. Anyway needless stress, there was plenty of water and we were out heading for Cape Capricorn - seas not great but not too bad. We put the main up and motor sailed in building seas. By the time we got to Cape Capricorn it was obvious it would be untenanble in the NE winds. The other two boats kept going and so did we. Seas 2 - 3 metres, rainy and the crew a little seedy. Rosie fine sleeping in her bed on the cockpit floor. We were heading around the corner of the island and then saw the cat head for a beach so we went there too and anchored at 5pm - another torrid eleven hour day. We took Rosie ashore and she really wanted to run but we just wanted to fall in a heap. Got wet getting Bob back out. Was a litle bit rolly but not too bad. Fell into bed wondering what the heck we are doing! Rained most of the night.
Miles: 68 TTT : 314

Sunday 23 - Great Keppel Island
Went for a walk along the very long beach called Long Beach (!) and walked over the headland to where the other boat anchored ni Monkey Bay. We went back and bought the boat around there too. Anchored in sight of the resort and can see Roslyn Bay across the way. There is a reef and its really quite nice. Quite a few boats in. Took the bathoscope and checked out the reef.

Monday 24 - Great Keppel Island
Took Bob around to the resort area. The colour of the water is beautiful. Had a walk around the big main resort which is still closed and fenced off. Saw the cyclone affected beach and a couple of cyclone affected houses. A tree snake was sunning itself near the boardwalk. Rosie gave us a scare today. She was walking through really soft sand and all of a sudden her hip just gave way and she couldnt walk. Carried her for a while then she seemed to come good. When we got back to the boat she seemed to be worrying her foot so I held her while the skipper cut out a huge burr. She screamed so loud the next boat thought we were murdering her! Had a late walk along the beach and she was fine.

Tuesday 25 - Great Keppel Island
A NW wind was forecast so we moved back around to Long Beach and walked to the end of the beach. Quite a few boats have come around and there were lots or people walking up and down the beach. Such a lovely beach, the water such a lovely colour and the sand so white. Rosie was exhausted after chasing her ball and socialising. Our internet hadnt been working well then Al off Sasu told us my smart phone could run the internet on the computer which was news to us but by jove he was right! We went in the late aternoon and met up with a few other boats for sundowners. There is a family of five on the biggest cat - it is huge. They took their kids out of school for a term so they can do this. We had a lovely evening and the kids built a fire so we sat around the fire.

Wednesday 26 - Great Keppel Island
Rosie had a terrible night vomiting and shivering and shaking. We thought we might lose her. She wouldnt drink so we went ashore with our chairs and her cushion for a few hours so she could have some off boat time. She slept for ages and then started to come good. We think she must have eaten something on the beach last night. It takes 35 minutes to walk from one end of Long Beach to the other - very pleasant. By the time we got back to the boat Rosie was fine. Glen off Seasalt (another Ganley) visited in the afternoon and then it was time for sundowners on the beach! Another lovely evening and a feed of garfish for dinner. There are 16 boats in and only two of them are cats which is unusual.

Thurday 27 - Great Keppel Island
Bit of a clean up then we went ashore to walk the 2km to the resort. Rosie went into her specially made backpack and was perfectly happy perched up there. It was a good walk. A few people took photos of Rosie in her backpack. We walked back a different way and then had a swim - it was a bit brisk! Tomorrow we are going o head up towards Pearl Bay. There's not any good winds forecast but it is time to move on. This has been an absolutely beautiful spot.