Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pre Departure

The month of April was spent in a flurry of activity preparing for an 18 April departure. We packed up all our furniture and managed to squeeze it all into the size of a normal garage - it was stacked to the rafters. Next we took a road trip to Mt Bryan in South Australia to take our beloved dogs down to live on a sheep station with Andy and Robyn, Dave, Katie and Kym. Jack and Rosie took to it quite well trying to chase down a few sheep and a kangaroo and are being well looked after. We miss them terribly. The road trip back without them was hard.

The 18 April departure time came and went, we handed our house to the real estate agent, tied up a few loose ends and moved on to the boat. Then we had to sort the boat - we could hardly find the bed there was so much stuff in there. Took a few days to clear the decks so to speak and then the shopping - took three hours to stow it all away. Peter very relunctantly went up the mast again to change some light globes and then it seemed finally we were ready to leave on Friday 24th - it was a manic month.