Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WEEK 15: 15 May - 21 May -Yacht Haven Marina to Phi Phi Don

DAYS 99 - 101 Saturday 15 May - Monday 17 May - Yacht Haven
We spent these three days mostly on the yacht and dining out in the evening with the gang. We did a water run and filled four jerries. Mr. Oh and Mr. Samaran came out to look at the boat to give a quote for painting her. Lovely evenings, good company.
DAY 102 - Tuesday 18 May - Yacht Haven to Ko Rang Yai
It poured rain as soon as we got up and it looked as though it had set in. Caught two jerries of water for washing. It cleared about 10am so we took our keys back to the marina and called in to say farewell to Whistle. We went aboard and Jean showed us how their work was coming along - seems a way to go yet but it will be good when it is finished - sad to leave them again. We left around 11 and headed to Ko Rang Yai which is not too far from the entrance to Boat Lagoon. It has a lovely white beach with lots of palm trees and is very picturesque. Ate on board.
Miles: 18 Total: 6,688
DAY 103 - Wednesday 19 May - Ko Rang Yai
Did the washing and read and did logics puzzles. It was lovely waking up in paradise. There are so many huge jelly fish around ranging from white through to dark pink. Dell counted 137 in one batch on one side of the boat and Peter had heaps on the other side. Put in all the diesel from the jerries and went to shore about 3.30 and had a swim. Walked along the beach - there is a resort of sorts with a restaurant but we noticed the beer was expensive so we thought the food may be too. Had a quick shower in their open shower and headed back. Dell was up to 12.30am finishing her book. We have discovered the Diana Galbadon Outlander series. It began with the book Cross Stitch - Peter is now reading the fifth in the series and Dell is reading the fourth. Peter wasn't keen to read them at first as it is written in the first tense which he doesn't particularly like but now he can't put them down!! Highly recommend them.
DAY 104 - Thursday 20 May - Ko Rang Yai - Ao Chalong
We left at 8.30 and motored to Ao Chalong arriving at 11.45. We went to shore to go to Tesco's but Peter's back was playing up so Dell left him at the Come On Bar (dangerous I know!!) Dell walked to Tescos in the heat and did the shopping carting back two backpacks full of goodies. Got back 1 ¼ hours later and Peter said I was just in time to save him - the ladies are good fun and really lovely - not too young! And they have really good music. Went to the Tamarind bar for dinner then back to the boat. Slept on the deck under the shade cover.
Miles: 14 Total: 6,702
DAY 105 - Friday 21 May - Ao Chalong to Phi Phi Don
Some days you shouldn't get out of bed but we had to!!!! It started to rain about 4am and we were enjoying the drops on the sunshade and then it got really heavy so we got tarps and put over ourselves but then it got really windy with thunder and lightning and the bedding was getting soaked so moved it downstairs and as Dell was doing this Peter suddenly started the motor. An exhilirating moment coming up!! Looked behind us and we were about 8m off a big yacht called Smoke. Our sunshade had acted like a sail and we dragged anchor through the mud at a great rate of knots! We managed to hold off using the motor and nudged our way forward but dragged back again so nudged our way forward to bring the anchor up. It was very dark, pouring rain, thunder and lightning and we knew there were two small unlit boats to our port side. We could see really clearly when the lightning flashed. We pulled up and reanchored thoroughly soaked. A great start to the day. We went ashore at 10am to check out. Peter checked us out while Dell grabbed a few more things from the shop. We upanchored at 11.15 and headed for Phi Phi Le. It was an uneventful trip but we could see clouds building all around and it was a race to get there before the storm hit. The swell was heading straight for Phi Phi Le so we headed for Phi Phi Don and just rounded the point as the storm hit. We had gusts of 50+ knots which heeled us over, the boom came out of its cradle and a couple of the cable ties on the side canvas broke. You could see the water being whipped up into spray as the gusts came. We anchored in the storm and ended up a bit close to a big boat on a buoy so pulled up and anchored again. Getting heeled at 50+ knots or more - another exhilarating few moments!! When we anchored a big boat who was much further back apparently had put out a heap of rope when he saw the storm coming and when he pulled it in he was right beside us so.............. we upanchored and anchored again (storm finished). The swell coming in to the bay was very bad so we couldn't cook dinner so went to bed hungry!!! Ah well some days are like that!!!!
Miles: 29 total: 6,731
Carol, I think you are having a birthday soon - a special one - if so happy birthday. Also a certain accountant has a special birthday this year. Patrick if we have missed it, hope it was great, if not we hope its a beauty!!! Missing little Rose - hope she is good and anxiously awaiting the birth of our grandchild.

Hope you are all well.
Love and Cheers
Fair winds and calm seas
Dell and Peter
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

WEEK 14: 8 May – 14 May –Ko Hong (Krabi) to Yacht Haven Marina

DAY 92- Saturday 8 May - Ko Hong - Koh Pak Bia
Debbie, Phil and Dell took Zed around the island looking at the caves and rock formations and could see heaps of fish. Missed the hong entrance at first as it was low tide and there is actually heaps of coral there which we had not noticed on our last visit. We rowed in and were the only ones in there so it was kind of special though it was quite shallow so we didn’t go too far. Enjoyed the ambiance till another dinghy motored in and as we left a longtail boat went in. We came back to the boat for lunch. It is very hot. Upanchored at 11am and headed around some islands and ended up at Koh Pak Bia. Anchored and Dell, Debbie and Phil took Zed into the beach but it was no good for snorkelling so took Zed and went back around the island to a neighbouring island and had a swim off the sandspit. There was quite a current running and Dell had her back to it trying to feed some bread to some fish when a big pink jellyfish missed her back by about 3 feet and Debbie had a close call with her face and a jellyfish so we decided that was enough swimming and took Zed out around the island back to the boat. It is amazing when you accidentally hit these huge jelly fish with the outboard motor (poor things!) but they kind of get all mooshed up – we do try to avoid them!!
Miles: 3 Total: 6,632

DAY 93 – Sunday 9 May – Koh Pak Bia - Koh Pan Yi (Gypsy village)
Happy Mother’s Day
We headed to Koh Pan Yi and motored without a breath of wind. We arrived around 3pm and went ashore. Walked through the village and Debbie and Phil found it very interesting. There was a game of soccer (mini) going on at the school – they seemed to have two small soccer fields – not bad for a village built on stilts! Did some shopping and ate on board. Had to get out the mosquito coils and nets on the hatches. Next thing we hear bat bat bat as Debbie had spied a bat (or two) flying around the boat.
Miles: 16 Total: 6,648

DAY 94 – Monday 10 May – Koh Pan Yi – Ko Hong (Pha Nang)
Went into the village again and then left at around 11am and headed through the channels to Koh Hong. There was a catamaran and a yacht already anchored so anchored between them and ended up a bit closer to the cat than Dell would like. Went to the hong and motored around in Zed. The tide was a little low to get into the cave hong but the rest of it was beautiful. Went to a little beach for a swim and could see the National Parks blokes sitting in their boat waiting for people to return to their yachts to charge them the fee. They gave up before we got back. Dell was a little worried that we seemed too close to the cat but when we got back it looked fine. A little later Phil pointed out that they were a little close. They had ridden up over their anchor and we were also surrounded by 6 sunsail charter boats so decided to move right out the back. It was initially a little windy but at least that was cool and then it quietened and we had a comfortable night though Debbie and Phil reported mosquitoes on the deck. When we anchored we were quite close to a drink bottle on a rope so Peter pulled it in to move it. Up came a rock and then a fish trap but then he and Debbie couldn’t pull up whatever was attached to that. They moved it a little way away.
Miles: 7 Total: 6,655

DAY 95 – Tuesday 11 May – Koh Hong - Phanak
Went for a motor around the hong at high tide – it is one of the more beautiful islands around. When we upanchored the fishtrap line was wrapped around our anchor chain so Peter had to cut it away. He tried to rejoin the line but couldn’t hold it so unfortunately that fish trap will never be found again! Had a slow motor to Phanak where we had brekky and then jumped in Zed and headed around the island. This is Dell’s favourite and we went under lots of overhangs and went around an inlet which looks like an ancient city. There were a couple of monkeys on the beach but disappeared when we went in. Had a cooling swim but bubbles were coming up from the sand – really weird. Went around to the other side of the island and saw where the tourist sea canoes were going in. The tour guide said we wouldn’t get Zed in but we could walk so we left Zed on a small beach and took our torches and started walking into the cave. These are openings in the cliff you would never notice if the tour boats weren’t there. Luckily it was a sand bottom and we had the torches so walked about 100m in the dark – ducking as the top of the oyster encrusted cave came down and came out into the most amazing hong – there were mangrove trees in the middle but it was sand – obviously at high tide it would be covered. There were little mudskips and we were the only ones in there – couldn’t believe our luck. Spent some time and then walked out again. A wonderful experience. We came back around and the tide had fallen enough for us to find the entrance to “our” hong so went in there and it was deep enough to row around. Came back around to the long cave and the monkeys were on the beach so watched them for a while. It was now one hour after midtide on an ebb tide so decided to have a go at the big scary cave. Peter and Phil did a mighty job rowing against the current and outcoming canoes and the water was shallowing. Cant tell you how pitch black it is in there – we finally got past all the canoes and made it to the end of the tunnel and finally (third time lucky) we could get through to the hong and we were the only ones in there! We knew we wouldn’t have long as the tide was dropping. We rowed into the hong – really big with lots of places for future exploring when we have time. But then we saw the most amazing thing. There was a gathering of monkeys and all the juveniles were swimming in the water – duck diving down and coming up and ducking each other, leaping from the tree into the water and swimming back to do it all again, splashing and playing with each other in the water – it was an awesome experience and something we have never seen before – swimming monkeys!!! Couldn’t stay too long as the tide was going out and the boys had an easier time getting out as we went with the tide. It is so very dark, bats on the ceiling – you can smell them as soon as you enter the cave. Great stalactites which looked like chandeliers and then we were out. Came back to the boat for a well earned beer and lunch and just sat looking at this awesome island.
Miles: 3 Total: 6,658

DAY 96 – Wednesday 12 May – Phanak to Yacht Haven
Upanchored around 11 and motored slowly with no wind to anchor off Yacht Haven marina. Headed for shore and called in to see Whistle Down the Wind on the way. Walked to the little village and then organised a hire car for tomorrow and then had a shower – a real shower albeit with cold water but in this weather that is very welcome. Met Jean and Dave for dinner at a little place called Coconut which just has one lady to do everything – cooking, cleaning, serving etc. Quite a feat.
Miles: 11 Total: 6,669

DAY 97 – Thursday 13 May – Yacht Haven
Picked up the hire car – heaps of room and fantastic air con!! Headed for old Phuket town which was fascinating with lots of wonderful old shops. Good material shops which were cheap without bargaining. Lost Debbie and Phil but found them again in time for lunch. We went to a little local restaurant and had good food. Then we went to the shopping centre so Phil could have his Swensons ice cream Sunday – we all managed to eat a huge ice cream Sunday and very nice it was too! We then headed to the beaches but it was a little late for a swim. Saw people having elephant rides – the elephants walking along the road. Saw a local market so stopped – it had fruit and veg, fish, chicken, clothes and all sorts of things. Headed back to the marina and didn’t have time for a shower as it was straight to happy hour and the barbeque buffet which was expensive but very nice. Geoff from Wavesweeper was there as well so we had quite a table full of people and it was a good night.

DAY 98 – Friday 14 May – Yacht Haven
Debbie and Phil’s last day – where did the time go!!
Headed into town to do some shopping. Dave and Jean came too as they had to collect their anchor chain and someone else’s anchor which had been galvanised. We stopped at a store called Super Cheap which turned out to be a huge warehouse that sold absolutely everything – food, meat, groceries, clothes, shoes, stationery, electrical, furniture – you name it and it was there. We spent an hour and didn’t scratch the surface – no air con in there so it was quite hot. Found the place to get the anchor and the chain – it was the biggest darn anchor – but we managed to get it all in with Dave tucked in the backseat behind the anchor and the chain neatly folded behind the back seat. Went to the supermarket and did some shopping. There was the strangest bug outside the supermarket in the garden (see the photo). We stopped at a temple on the way back which had a big reclining Buddhu on the roof of the building and lots of statues around the place. Then back to the boat for final packing. Debbie and Phil had a shower and we met them at the restaurant for dinner. A storm was threatening so they moved us further into the restaurant under cover and we had a huge meal then at 6.30pm headed to the airport just as it started to rain. Debbie and Phil checked in – the plane had been delayed an hour. All the passengers on their flight had their luggage searched but the Jetstar passengers to Singapore didn’t – odd! We said farewell to Debbie and Phil and headed off. We have had a wonderful time and it is kind of lonely without them! When we went to go out we didn’t have a parking ticket as we weren’t given one when we went in so we had to pull over and try to make them understand we didn’t have one. In the end they issued us with a ticket and took our 40 baht! Slept on the deck but at 4am it bucketed down rain so we had to quickly move inside.

It has been a wonderful few weeks with Debbie and Phil on board and we have thoroughly enjoyed their company. The boat is a little bigger and quieter now they have left and just a little bit lonelier. We want to thank them for all the help with the anchoring etc which saved Peter’s back – happy to report that his back is much better now. We are just waiting to get another quote for getting the boat painted and then we will be on our way back down to Langkawi. We are looking forward to the birth of our new grandchild who is due on 2nd June.

Take care all.

Love and Cheers
Fair winds and calm seas
Dell and Peter

Thursday, May 13, 2010

WEEK 13: 1 May – 7 May – Phi Phi Don to Ko Hong (Krabi)

DAY 85 - Saturday 1 May - Phi Phi Don to Ko Muk

Left at 7am and had a good sail with both main and headsail for a little while then of course the wind died and we motored to Ko Muk. We anchored at first but weren’t happy with the holding so upanchored and picked up a buoy in 4m of water. It was a great comparison to when we came up a week or so ago – calm this time. Went to shore but our little restaurant had closed for the season so we went to the resort for dinner. The service was mediocre and the mosquitos savage. It was a lovely still night.
Miles: 38 Total: 6,384

DAY 86 – Sunday 2 May – Ko Muk to Ko Lantra
07°32.147N 99°02.851E
Went to the Emerald Cave at 7.30am. There were only two people in there. The noise was just like the Disneyland Pirates of the Carribean!! – the water hitting little caves and making a very eerie noise. Had a lovely time in there then Phil and Dell swam out then we dinghied around to the other beach and went ashore for a swim. Back to the yacht and we left at about 11.30 and went up the coast to Koh Lanta. We managed to anchor where there were a lot of rocks ashore!! But managed to land the dinghy in a gap in the rocks. Peter can’t walk very far at the moment as he has done his back in and it is very sore. A lovely lady named Oom came to greet us and invite us to her bar. It was an interesting bar on the beach and they had snakes in bottles – not Dell’s favourite. We sat at a table near the beach for dinner. A little girl started doing a dance for us and then got her fire chains out and did that (without the fire – she was only about 3) – she was very good. We had a lovely meal and then one of the men did the fire twirling – it was a wonderful evening and then back to the boat. Debbie and Phil slept on the deck – heard Phil fall out of bed onto the deck sometime through the night!
Miles: 20 Total: 6,404

DAY 87 – Monday 3 May – Koh Lanta – Nth Koh Dam Khwan (Chicken Island)
07°57.575N 98°48.498E
Peter’s back is no better. We thought of staying – it was so calm through the night. Oom had said that this time last year the weather was really bad and surf was breaking on the beach. In the end we decided to go and left at around 9am. Gained an extra knot of speed with the headsail out for a little while then motored taking it in turns between Debbie, Phil and Dell for the watch. There were heaps and heaps of fish traps to look out for. We arrived at Chicken Island at around 3pm. Anchored about 50m away from the reef. Around 4pm Debbie, Phil and Dell went into the island and left Zed there and snorkelled but a longtail who was distracted headed straight for us so much yelling and splashing and he finally noticed us. After that we snorkelled holding on to Zed, The fish were small but a few of them were aggressive – even the little Nemos didn’t back off. The little brown camouflage fish put a fin on a rock on either side of it and sat as still as it could thinking – you cant see me! The coral was very shallow and covered in sand but further out it was much better. Phil wasn’t well and Debbie and Phil slept on the deck again and we had another beautiful night.
Miles: 29 Total: 6,413

DAY 88 – Tuesday 4 May – Nth Koh Dam Kwan
Today is a down day to catch up with ourselves. Dell made muffins and Peter made bread and we are most intrigued to know what all the tour boats are looking at. This is a beautiful spot between four island with sandspits between two of them. The sandspits dry at low tide and you can walk between the two islands. There were so many people there this morning it looked as though they were walking on water! We went to the place where everyone had been snorkelling but the clarity wasn’t very good and all we could figure was that they were feeding the fish there. Saw a longtail with a monkey in a jacket on board.

DAY 89 – Wednesday 5 May – Nth Koh Dam Kwan – Rai Le Beach
We went snorkelling early in the morning but the tide was out and there were so many sea urchins that it was a bit dangerous so we headed back to the boat. Upanchored and went to the southern tip of Krabi where there was supposed to be a cave and a pool. It was a beautiful spot with large karsts rising out of the water and a resort on the beach. Dell, Debbie and Phil went ashore and walked to the cave with all the phallic symbols and had a swim over to an inlet in the rocks but didn’t actually see any cave or pool. I am sure with another visit we will have to explore a little more. We then motored around to the next bay and anchored in 4m and all went ashore. This place is renowned for its rock climbing so D, D & P walked along the beach – lots of backpacking places and came back to where we had left Peter and watched a fellow climbing under an overhang. When he fell the line was taken taut by the trainer on the ground. Deb & Phil found a little local eatery up a lane and the lady produced an old table and some odd chairs to accommodate us. She said it was up to her how hot our food would be and we had the loveliest meal we had had in ages. Went back to the boat as it was threatening rain but nothing came of it but it was shallow on the way back and the motor touched bottom a couple of times.
Miles: 5 Total: 6,418

DAY 90 – Thursday 6 May – Rai Le Beach
Peter stayed on board and D, P & D headed around the headland to the next bay in Zed. There was a special on massages so Debbie and Dell had a pedicure and massage – both for 450 Baht – about $15 (for two). We then walked around town. Taxi prices are ridiculously high but we found a bike taxi would take us to the Wat and wait and bring us back but by this time it was getting a bit late. We also found out the fruit and veggie market was about 5k away but as it was getting late and the water getting a bit rough we headed back to the boat. We all got soaked but arrived safely back. Dell has been driving Zed in Peter’s absence. We decided to eat on board as there was lightning all around and then we had a big storm with heaps of rain and we filled our two jerries and all the buckets in no time. It lasted about ¾ hr and then it was over and gone leaving us refreshed after our shower in the rain on the deck.

DAY 91 – Friday 7 May – Rai Le Beach – Ko Hong
We had a late start trying to decide whether to go round to the bay again or back to find the cave and pool but in the end decided to head for Ko Hong. It took a couple of hours and we picked up our buoy at Ko Hong about 1pm and headed to the beach. Peter and Dell had a swim while Debbie and Phil did the walk and then came back to the beach for a swim. Had a lovely afternoon – there weren’t as many longtails or tourist b oats as last time and in the end it was just us and about five other people. Beautiful calm evening.
Miles: 11 Total: 6,629

Love and Cheers

Fair winds and calm seas

Dell and Peter

Friday, May 7, 2010

WEEK 12: 24 April - 30 April - Ao Chalong to Phi Phi Don Thailand

Congratulations to Jeremy and Claire on their engagement

DAY 78 - Saturday 24 April - Ao Chalong, Thailand
Greg and Chris (Windchimes) went off in their hire car for the day and we commenced cleaning up the boat and trying to rearrange all the stuff we keep on the back bunk to free it up for Debbie and Phil. At the end of the day we were all too tired to go ashore so ate on board.

DAY 79 - Sunday 25 April - ANZAC DAY - Ao Chalong
We went to say hullo to Pam off Helly then joined Greg and Chris ashore for breakfast. Had a beer at the Come On bar and talked to Doug off Helly. Shopping and cleaning then a very pleasant evening spent with Wind Chimes.

DAY 80 - Monday 26 April - Ao Chalong
Debbie and Phil come tonight! Finished tidying the boat (how messy could it be!!) and headed in to collect the hire car from Nina's. It was red but turned out to be a bit smaller than we thought. We went to sort out our internet then to Boat Lagoon to see how work on Neptune II was coming along. Had a chat to Neptune's skipper and he was very impressed with the work being done. Then we headed to Yacht Haven to see David and Jean on Whistle Down the Wind. They have totally pulled their whole dodger off and are working on it. They have done a lot but there is still a lot to go. It poured rain while we were there so they put a tarp over the companionway and we went below for a beer or two. Then we went to the restaurant and then headed to the airport. It was great to catch up with Whistle again. We got to the airport at 7.20 but we were not allowed in and had to wait outside. Debbie and Phil came out at about 8.10pm and we made the long drive back to Ao Chalong. Had dinner at our little restaurant and Debbie ordered a meal which had omitted the word "hot" on the menu! She persevered and with tears rolling down her face she finished it. We then did the long walk along the jetty and clambered on to a boat and then to our dinghy who we have named Zed. For a long time we were trying to think of a clever name for our dinghy and then Peter was looking at it the other night and it has a big Z on the front (Zodiac) so he said Zed and we thought that was pretty clever and it had been staring us in the face all along!

Day 81 - Tuesday 27 April - Ao Chalong
It was a bit of a rocky night but we all survived it. We tied Zed up at the jetty as it is spring tides at the moment and the jetty moves with the tide. We went up to the Big Budhha and then stopped for a meal on the way down. It was really cheap and absolutely lovely - a nice surprise. We then headed to Nai Harn and had a swim and another snack and a walk around. Then we drove over the range (very slowly!) and saw the elephants. Then to Patong Beach where we parked and walked down the road - it was 4pm and just starting to liven up. We went to the Aussie Bar because we knew it had good toilets and noticed a man lying on the floor - he had collapsed and hit his head. Ambulance came and carted him away. Returned to Ao Chalong and went to our little restaurant.

DAY 82 - Wednesday 28 April - Ao Chalong
Happy Birthday Sandra!!
Went to buy another fan for the boat and then to the supermarket to provision then to Patong to the wet market to buy fruit and veggies. They have all kinds of interesting things in there including live toads, and eels (which really looked like snakes) along with the general fish and chickens and gizzards etc. It poured rain which made us pretty happy as Peter had the water catcher up on the boat but when we drove back to Ao Chalong we hadn't had a drop of rain!! Went to our little Tamarind restaurant for dinner. The cat sat behind Debbie on her chair again. We had left Zed tied to the stairs at the jetty and when we got back with our supplies the tide had gone out and Zed didn't quite have enough rope out and was starting to rise at the front so it was as well we got back when we did.

DAY 83 - Thursday 29 April - Ao Chalong - Phi Phi Le
On buoy
The boys did a water run with the jerries and we upanchored around 10am and headed to Phi Phi Le - dead calm and wind on the nose. We got to Phi Phi Le and there was only one buoy we could have and it was occupied. We went in to see if they were staying and they were leaving as soon as they got their motor fixed. So we hung around and as soon as they left we grabbed the buoy. We jumped in the water and there were no fish. So we went for a snorkel over the reef and it was fantastic. There was only one other yacht in the place so it was wonderful to have the place to ourselves.
Miles: 26 Total: 6,329

DAY 84 - Friday 30 April - Phi Phi Le to Phi Phi Don
We started our day early jumping off the back of the boat and there were fish everywhere. Went for a snorkel and then took Zed all around the edges of the rocks. We left at 9.40am just as all the tourist boats were starting to swarm in. Went around Phi Phi Le with Debbie and Phil sitting on the deckchairs. The only thing missing was the Pims! We went past a lovely little beach at Ao Nui with rocks around and noticed a buoy so grabbed it and went ashore and had a snorkel round. There were a few interesting fish but nothing startling so we returned to the boat and had lunch on the way to Hin Klang Reef. We could see a buoy so headed for it. Dell though it was a little close to the reef but we picked it up anyway. Peter did a snorkel round to make sure we wouldn't hit a bommie. We all went for a snorkel from the back of the boat. The coral was hard coral and was spectacular - absolutely beautiful. Like a great big garden. Motored to Phi Phi Don and anchored then it rained so we had a shower on the deck. What an amazing day. Went to shore for dinner and walked around then stopped at a cafe on the way back. Got back to the boat in the dark to find that a huge boat had taken the very small buoy near us and put out lots of line so we were in danger of getting hit. So after the rain we upanchored in the dark and anchored further out.
Miles: 17 Total: 6,346

Sorry this is so late - we seem to have been so busy!! We have really noticed that the high season has finished and the low season has started and even though there are still heaps of tourists it has definitely quietened down.
Love and Cheers
Fair winds and calm seas
Dell and Peter
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