Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nearly home

Hullo Good People

Am writing this from Mooloolaba (nearly home) during a gale warning (11 Nov) – yes it is really blowing!! To recap – had a wonderful two weeks on Lizard (have since found out that they call it Blizzard). Actually apart from the wind the weather is beautiful. A lovely heat which really doesn’t seem to burn – unlike the sun further south. The snorkelling on Lizard is absolutely fantastic – octopus, 10ft shovelnose shark, nimos and water really clear. Also we heard the Research people on the radio saying they could see the crocodile that lives there! We left on a day (17 Oct) when the wind was “only” blowing 15 – 20 instead of 20 – 25 but still from the SE so we were beating into it all the way. Four full days to arrive back at Yorkeys Knob (Cairns) where we spent a week restocking the victuals, fuel and water then on our way again. The weather was against us going down the outside of Hinchinbrook so went down the inside again – will get to Zoes Bay on the next trip. Had quite a good run down with an enforced stay at Goldsmith Island (which wasn’t a hardship! – despite winds up to 40 knots). Rosie had lost her ball (presumed it rolled overboard) but lo and behold while walking on the beach at Goldsmith, there hanging on a dead branch on the beach was a round dog’s toy which had seen better days – but it was pink and perfect as far as Rosie was concerned! Of all the things that you could find on a beach!

We had a quick call into Mackay and there was a barbeque on for the marina guests so we tied Jack and Rosie on their short leads on the deck and off we went for an hour and a half. Jack and Rosie met us at the gate when we were coming back to the boat. Their leads and harnesses were hanging over the side of the boat. Rosie had made a small hole in the netting around the deck and Jack had shredded it! How they slipped out of their harnesses and landed on the dock and not in the water is a bit beyond us – close call number 2!!!!

While on the subject of Jack and Rosie – we are looking for a foster home for these two adventurous dogs for next year. Anyone vaguely interested – let us know.

Celebrated my birthday at Pearl Bay sitting in the cockpit with a tablecloth consuming pork roast with crackly and fresh apple sauce and baked veges with a good bottle of wine. A wonderful day.

We finally made it out to Lady Musgrave Island for three nights. The water wasn’t as clear as the last time we had been there – it was still a good snorkel but we have been to Lizard.................!!!

We left Lady M at 5.30am and arrived at Warthumba Creek off Fraser at 7pm – it was a very long day and we actually had some northerly winds which were supposed to go SE in the evening so we anchored in the surf waiting for the winds to turn but they never did so it was quite an uncomfortable night. Our bed is at the pointy end of the boat so we cant get thrown out which is just as well!!! (Not as bad as Hummocky though!!!!)

Tossed up whether to stay a few days at River Heads in the Sandy Straits but knew the weather was closing in so headed on down to Inskip Point and left at 5.15am with about 10 other yachts. It wasn’t the ideal time to cross the Wide Bay Bar but it was a very calm morning and it was actually the best crossing we have had – mind you they have changed the way points so it is a little deeper. Just for a change we had some northerlies so we put the jenniker out and off we went. Had a great 10 hour sail down to Mooloolaba and here we sit in a gale warning! But Friday is looking good and we should sail into Scarborough late Friday afternoon (14th) having completed 2,256 nautical miles.

Dell and Peter

Pacific Express