Saturday, January 30, 2010

We are Back!

Hi all, it is time to resume this commentary!! To all of you who we managed to catch up with, we had a ball and to all of you who we did not catch up with, we apologise and promise to be more organised for our next trip. In fact we have started the organisation thing now. But more of that later. We flew home on 15 December with Malaysian airlines who we would recommend, via Kuala Lumpar and into Adelaide where we had a few days with the Thomas clan and little Rosie. We then drove the hire car to Brisbane and collected our car from Amy and Pete’s brand new house – whoo hoo it is beautiful! Spent a week with our good friends Linda and Brian (and Jackson) – many thanks guys, very much appreciated. In that time we saw Amy for her birthday and had Christmas day with Amy, Pete and our gorgeous little grandson, Jessie who (of course) is an absolute delight!! We then spent a couple of days with Dell’s brother Stuart and his wife Jean (such fun!!) where the boys worked on Stuart’s new trailer and we went for a spin in Stuart’s new rubber duckie (albeit a big one and in the rain!!). Further time was spent trying to solve the “extreme puzzles” Stuart and Jean were “kind!!” enough to give us for Christmas. New Year was with Stuart and Jean and friends and we managed to stay awake till midnight!!! We had a phone call just before midnight saying “this is the Scottish Embassy here and it appears that you have not renewed your passport and visa to enter the year 2010” (Wave Sweeper)!!!!

Next day found us on the way down the coast and our first night of camping was at Port Macquarie (rainy) and costly at $40 for a tiny strip of grass!!! We arrived in Sydney at Debbie and Phil’s place and it was agreed that they had way too much furniture in their small place (ie no room for a mattress on the floor!!!) so we went to Brett’s (rather bigger) place and graced Brett’s bedroom while he kindly slept on the couch down stairs (could have put our mattress down but thanks heaps Brett!). When we greeted the kids out the front of Debbie’s place Peter walked straight past Brett just saying gooday. When I gave Brett a cuddle Peter looked quite shocked and said ‘its Brett!”. Didn’t recognise his own son!!! (Brett did have his dreadlocks cut off and wearing a hat but still!). Anyway had a wonderful week with the kids in Sydney and wished we had stayed longer.

Headed down the coast road to Melbourne spending a night camping (not sure where but it was $23 this time). Arrived at Dell’s sister Ann and Bill’s place and spent a couple of days and then went down to their boat and realised why it was so hard for them to get it in and out – there is 6 inches between the boats and you have to grab the big poles to hoik yourself in and out and in a slight wind this is nigh impossible so hats off to Ann and Bill for their efforts so far!!! We spent a night on the boat – a very nice looking boat indeed and went out the next morning and anchored off for the evening and then did some sailing and then back again. My nerves would not hold up to coming in and out of that place but they did it – without assistance from Dell – hiding in the cockpit!!! A lovely night out with all the Poynters and then off around the coast road camping the night at Port Fairy (lovely place but way too cold) and then back to the farm at the Thomases. Put a little headstone on Jackie’s grave and spent some quality time with Rosie – had her clipped and she hurt her hip while we were throwing the ball!! Forgot that she is getting old too. We left Andy and Robyn’s (so hard to say goodbye to Rosie again) at 12.30 to get to the airport and flew out an hour late (with Qantas – always recommended) at something like 6pm. Flew into Perth at 7 or 8pm and Mick and Annette Venn were there to collect us so we went to their place for a barbeque and then back to the airport by 10pm or so (fantastic time guys – thanks heaps and will stay longer next time!!). Jetstar (not recommended – seats so uncomfortable and nothing!) was an hour late and we got to Singapore at around 6am and waited till around 11 to fly to Langkawi via Air Asia (recommended – no frills but seats comfortable and purchased economic very nice meal! Arrived back at the boat on Sunday 24th January after a short taxi and ferry ride after 28 hours of travelling – reason for long trip was we used our frequent flyer points to Singapore so cant complain!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


I have given the lats and longs to the best of our knowledge, and if there are any discrepancies we apologise but there is no better method of coming into an unknown anchorage than Mark One Eyeball. I have given the dates as sometimes the anchorages may be good and other times not so great. I did not start recording lat and longs till we got to Indonesia but thought the Australian stuff may be good for passage planning. Good luck and Happy Sailing – we have really enjoyed it

Mooloolaba River – calm – 5 May
Double Island Point – lovely calm anchorage – 9 May
Garry’s Anchorage – lovely – 10 May
Kingfisher Resort – 11 May
Bundaberg Marina – 12 May
Bundaberg duckpond – 18 May
Pancake Creek – inside – 19 May
Cape Capricorn – 21 May
Hummoky Island – our benchmark in rolling!!!! Dont ever stay here! – 22 May
Great Keppel – 23 May
Pearl Bay – 24 May – beautiful
West Bay, Middle Percy – not bad then became untenable – luck of the draw! – 27 May
Curlew Island – v windy but calm – 30 May
Mackay Marina – 2 June
Brampton Island – 6 June
Goldsmith Island – one of our favourites – 7 June
Lindemann Island – 10 June
Hamilton Island marina – expensive but worth it – 12 June
Cid Harbour – 14 June
Windy Bay – 16 June
Whitehaven – beautiful – slight roll but ok – 17 June
Catelan Bay, Border Island – 18 June
Maureen’s bay – on buoy – great – 19 June
Butterfly Bay – 20 June
Eastern Double Bay – shallow but calm – 21 June
Montes Resort, Glouster Passage – Love Montes great food – 23 June
Greys Bay, Bowen – lovely – 26 June
Cape Upstart – windy but secure – 28 June
Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island – 29 June
Little Pioneer Bay, Orpheous Island on buoy – 10 July
Haycock Island, Hinchinbrook Channel – 11 July
Palima Creek, Hinchinbrook Channel – 14 July
Hinchinbrook Marina – 16 July
Scraggy Creek, Hinchinbrook Channel – 27 July
Bedarra Island – beautiful – 28 July
Dunk Island – 29 July
Kent Island – one of our favourites – 31 July
High Island – 2 August
Fitzroy Island – 3 August
Yorkies Knob Marina – 6 August
Low Isles – 16 August
Port Douglas up the river – 22 August
Hope Isles – 27 August
Cape Flattery – 31 august
Lizard Island – paradise – 4 September
Cape Bedford – shallow – 17 September
Hope Isles – 18 Sept
Low Isles – 20 September
Yorkies Knob marina – 21 September
Fitzroy Island – 28 September
Kent Island – 29 September
Haycock Island, Hinchinbrook – 2 October
Fontaine Island -3 October
Horsheshoe Bay, Magnetic Island – 4 October
Cape Upstart – 7 October
Montes Resort, Glouster Passage – 8 October
Cid Island – 9 October
Thomas Island – very very rolly – 11 October
Goldsmith Island – 19 October
Mackay Marina – 20 October
Curlew island – 22 October
Hexham Island – 25 october
Pearl Bay – v rolly – 26 October
Great Keppel – 28 October
Cape Capricorn – 29 October
Outer Pancake Creek – 31 October
Lady Musgrave Island – 1 Nov
Wathumba Creek, Fraser Island 4 Nov
End of records

ANCHORAGES BRISBANE TO DARWIN 2009River at Mooloolaba – calm
Inskip Point – calm
Cape Capricorn – calm
Scawfell Ilsnd – lovely bay – calm but windy
Shaw Island – windy
Cid Harbour – calm
Montes Gloucester Passage – calm but currents
Grey’s Bay Bowen – windy but steady
Cape Upstart
Horseshoe Bay – Magnetic Island
Little Pioneer Bay – Orpheous – on buoy
Dunk Island
Fitzroy Island
Half Moon Bay Marina – Yorkies Knob
Low Isles
Hope Isles
Lizard Island
Ingram Island – calm
Flinders Islands – calm
Magpie Reef – ok
Knight Island – calm
Portlands Road – dragged anchor
Shelburne Bay – v windy but calm
Escape River – avoid pearl farms, stay in middle on approach – do not drift to starboard – go up river – good
Cape York – v windy – rocky
Seisa – western side – calm
Gove – calm
Elizabeth Bay – pearl farms – calm
Guruliya Bay – great – don’t miss
Refuge Bay – calm
Galiwin’ku – calm
Cape Stewart – a bit of a roll but ok – would be bad in strong winds
Entrance Island, Liverpool River, Maningrita – very rolly but saved an hour going into the river
King River – crocodiles, shallow entry, deep river, favour right of centre once in
Mullett Bay, North Goulburn Island – good
Valentia Island – South side – good
Point David, Croker Island – unsettled but ok. Should probably have gone round inside of pearl racks
Berkely Bay, Port Essington – beautiful
Alcara Bay, Cape Don – slight roll in middle of night
Cape Hotham – nice little bay south of lighthouse – bit rolly but acceptable
Darwin – loved Fannie Bay


SAUMLAKI (20 July)
07°57.796S / 131°17.484E
Tidal range ~ 3m – can be quite rolly
Tie tenders to S side of jetty nr steps or N side of building with blue roof. Anchored in 13.2 metres. Marina Cafe right at wharf – good food and value.

07°39.6S / 131°08.1E
dropped in 5.2 metres – down to 4.2 with strong current but very calm waters at night only. During the day it was wind against tide and untenable

UP YAMDENA STRAIT near Ngurbelck Village (25 July)
07°33.056S / 131°11.591E in about 6 metres

07°19.306S / 131°14.195E
18m of water – calm anchorage. Beware fish traps both sides and front of bay. Inundated with islanders wanting stuff.

04°32.149S / 129°53.625E
Anchored 8.3m low tide at bottom end of Naira Island. Windy and swing room needed but good. If anchoring in town have to reverse into wall and tie the stern off – doesn’t hold many boats.

AMBON (4 Aug)
03°43.55S / 128°08.50E
Reverse park against wall – drop anchor two boatlengths in then reverse and tie up by stern. Still rolly but ok – lost lifebuoy & strobe light – came together with cat next door and lost it.

AMAHUSU (~ 3miles from Ambon) opposite hotel (7 Aug)
Anchored in 17 – 20m – bit rolly but good anchorage. Beautiful little spot.

05°20.01S / 123°31.88E
Tied up to buoys in harbour – currently only 12 buoys but assistance given by Wakatobe Information Centre to tie up. Some were better than others and some floated off with boats attached. Make sure your buoy doesn’t go half under water at high tide. Very calm anchorage.

08°26.33S / 122°24.22E
Good anchorage – 10-15m off little village with green mosque – only a few families live here and they are very poor. Enter through gap in reef off beach south of the village.

08°38.128S / 122°18.404E
Good anchorage but a couple of people dragged. Anchored directly in front of the resort near a buoy in 12m of water. Boats swang towards shore and towards sea

08°27.7S / 121°56.7 E
A little bay with tiny village at the end and reef all round the edges. Anchored in 12m – back to 8m. Can only fit about three boats in here. Absolutely calm – snorkled off the back of the boat.

08°36.547S / 121°31.364E
Very calm – Muslim so a little noisy but friendly.

RIANG BAY (28 Aug) I think this is wrongly called Monkey Beach in the 101 Anchorages (20)???
08°23.492S / 121°00.115E
Calm little bay – sheltered, silent, calm, serene – would not know you were on a boat. Stillest evening we have ever had. Way points as per 101 Anchorages):
A 08°20.45S / 120°59.90E
B 08°22.01S / 120°59.24E
C 08°22.75S / 120°59.31E
D 08°23.21S / 120°59.59E
E 08°23.49S / 120°59.62E
F 08°23.42S / 120°00.10E

INCA VILLAGE (29 Aug) (21 in 101)
08°16.682S / 120°24.263E
Bit rolly. We anchored at 17m. Others anchored in 12m

GILI BODO (30 Aug) (23 in 101)
08°22.089S / 120.00.917E
Windy through the afternoon but v calm at night.

08°31.020S / 119°52.049E
V calm anchorage. Boat boys take you to town for 25,000rp return.

08°38.965S / 119°42.780E
Can accommodate around ten boats – we were out the back anchored in 17m and went back to 25m. Windy at first but settled. Dont go too close to jetty or too close out front as tour boats go in and out.

To work out the currents in the Rinca Strait (or tides for strong currents 6 - 7 knots) Time of the moon transit (upper or lower transit when moon is at its zenith for the longitude of your position). Time of moon transit - 3&1/2 hours is the start of current flow until time of transit + 1&1/2 hours when it stops. Hope that helps!!!!!

RINCA ISLAND (8 Sept) (46 in 101)
08°42.245S / 119°39.416E
Anchored to the right of white beach in 10m drifted back to 5m and at low spring tide sat in 2.8m Very calm anchorage – monkeys and komodo dragon on the beach – dragons can be hard to see – will sit in shade of tree.

GILI LAWA LAUT (10 Sept) (40 in 101)
08°26.82S / 119°34.07E
Picked up buoy – two big ones are good. Were advised small one not trustworthy (don’t know if this is the case). We were asked to vacate the buoy by one of the tourist boats so anchored in the clearest water in about 25m!!! We had two lovely nights but the third night was very rolly. Snorkelled with the manta rays.

WERA (15 Sept)
08°17.562S / 118°55.679E
Anchored in 5.9m at low tide. Very windy but a good night. Did not go ashore

KILO (16 Sept)
08°19.6S / 118°23.3E
Anchored off the beach south of the village. Visited by villagers including a bloke who spoke English and boarded our boat uninvited to speak to us. We believe it was his mate who stole our gaff hook from the back of the boat. Did not go ashore. One of the lady teachers spoke pretty good English and was lovely.

KANANGA (17 Sept)
08°08.479S / 117°46.000E
Anchored in 15m drifted back to the beach to 8m but during the night faced the opposite direction and sat in 25m – actual anchorage was 08°08.39S / 117°46.06 – slight rock but ok.

MEDENG (18 Sept)
08°08.544S / 117°22.401E
Anchored in front of reef in 10m. Checked bommie – ok. Slight roll but ok. Water beautiful – very pretty spot.

NW LOMBOK (19 Sept)
08°17.725S / 116°39.80E
Anchored close to shore on NW Lombok – not an anchorage but anchored in 8m. It shallows reasonably quickly. Calm with occasional gentle rock.

08°21.703S / 116°07.784E
Call Medana Bay Marina and get the co-ords to get in as the charts look a bit confusing. There is deep water all the way in via the co-ords. Had to anchor in 17m close to the reef as there were no buoys left. Medana Bay are supposed to be rectifying this but..............

08°19.940S / 115°38.511E
Anchored in 17m and went back to 24-28 at high tide. Slight roll but not noticeable. About 100m from the beach. Looked like an interesting village but we did not go ashore.

08°09.713S / 115°01.109E
Achored in 14m originally but went back to 3.5m over coral so reanchored in 20m – went back to 16.5m Very rolly. But we left the boats unattended for a few days while we went to Ubud.

05°43.890S / 112°40.139E
Anchored in 5.1m over sand at low tide. Beautiful anchorage – mosques noisy but very calm.

02°44.44S / 111°43.94E
Anchored in the river opposite the town. The tide and current turn boats every which way so need plenty of room. We tangled with a cat which had been well clear of us so were very surprised. We moved way out the back away from everyone. Hired klotok from Mr B. At Prince of Kumai – have a look at klotok before hiring.
Waypoints for entry:
03°00.35S / 111°40.73E
02°57.29S / 111°4o.73E
02°57.01S / 111°41.41E
02°54.24S / 111°42.53E
02°53.46S / 111°42.19E
02°51.17S / 111°43.55E
02°49.83S / 111°43.48E
02°48.15S / 111°42.26E
02°47.62S / 111°42.03E
02°47.15S / 111°42.10E

02°33.269S / 107°40.473E
Wind from the north – very rolly the first night then from the SE and ve comfortable. Reef around – anchored in 6m

00°03.252N / 104°45.666E
Lovely calm anchorage – very pretty but cant get to shore. Beware – shoals up quickly. Anchored in 9m. Celebrated crossing the equator

00°22.567N / 104°18.508E
Came through gap in the islands – 18m lowest in centre. We cut the corner once through and almost ran on the reef (2.4m). Anchored in 7.8m in calm bay. Do not go too far up as there is a net right across the bay. Rock is exposed at low tide.

00°45.574N / 103°40.093E
Anchored in 8m off the second island. Currents didn’t bother us and it was a calm anchorage.

01°08.262N / 103°22.177E
Ready to cross the Singapore Straits. Very slight swell but ok


A world class marina but currently in the middle of nowhere but suspect not for long – highly recommended. The marina supplies a bus for shopping trips and were extremely helpful.

01°27.987N / 103°14.480E
Had thunder and lightning and rain and it was intermittently rolly but acceptable.

02°06.22N / 102°19.81
Anchored close in towards the west end of the island. There were currents and overfalls behind us. A beautiful island and very comfortable anchorage.

02°11.199N / 102°14.472E
Very shallow coming in and the swell comes through the marina. Facilities are not finished but there was one hot shower and loo. Kleats pulled out in bad weather and masts touched. Very rolly. Entrance waypoints : 02°11.221N / 102°14.455E

02°28.64N / 101°50.72E
Beautiful marina with swimming pool – calm and safe. Call on channel 14 for berth allocation.
02°27.50N / 101°50.50E
02°28.42N / 101°49.73E
02°28.75N / 101°50.40E

03°00.18N / 101°23.49E
Up a very busy river with heaps of big ships. Tied up to a pontoon opposite the RSYC. The current races past and glued us to the pontoon and had terrible trouble getting off it. Mind you if you leave at a slack tide it would be easier!! Can catch train to KL for $2 from here – takes about an hour.

03°42.818N / 100°51.468E
Appeared to be in the middle of the ocean!! High tide dropped in 6m (4m low tide). Rocky and rolly at first, thunderstorm then settled till around 3 when it got rocky again but ok.

04°13.871N / 100°32.449E
Anchored in 8m (7.3m low). Think it may shoal up rather smartly. Slight swell comes in but didn’t worry us. Lovely little bay and good tour of the island for 50RN. Westerlies blew on the third day and it became untenable.

04°25.81N / 100°34.757E
We anchored in 20m but a bit further up is 10m – anchor here is it is the best spot. Our anchor chain wrapped around a rock during the night but it was very still.

05°18.671N / 100°18.112E
Follow the channel in. Anchored off little restaurants in 8m – green and red roofs. Very comfortable night. Went ashore and ate at the makan – good food.

05°24.85N / 100°20.6E
We were in C9 which was very good. B row is very rolly. Marina is next to a ferry terminal and is not protected so can be very rolly.

05°52.309N / 100°19.248E
It was a very windy day but behind Palau Bunting was very calm and it was a really peaceful anchorage. Lovely island with causeway which doesn’t seem to be finished.

06°12.065N / 099°48.825
First time we anchored a bit south of here off a small beach and the boat just spun around. Moved further in where it was windy but calm. However, the next morning we dragged anchor. Better between Palau Dayang Bunting and a little island.

06°18.773N / 99°50.701E
Anchored off shore north of the eagle with many other yachts and off from the little jetty on shore. Dropped in 5m. Very comfortable anchorage.

06°21.723N / 099°40.81E
Dropped anchor inside man made islands in 3.7m. At low tide had .3m under the keel (1.8m keel). Very comfortable anchorage

Fantastic marina, great staff and really enjoyed it. Left the boat while we went home for five weeks.