Tuesday, September 22, 2015

WEEK 6 : Cid Harbour to May's Bay

Sat 12 Sept - Cid Harbour
We thought about moving but its still blowing and raining so we stayed put. Sundowners with Gill and Al on Sasu.

Sun 13 Sept - Cid Harbour - Nara Inlet
We left Cid at 8.00 and sailed to Nara Inlet in sloppy seas. Anchored at 10.45 at high tide. This is a fjord like inlet on Hook Island so we took Bob and motored all around the shore line - it was very pretty. We then went ashore and walked up to a cave with Aboriginal paintings. After that we found a tiny bit of beach around the corner where we could take Rosie ashore. A good anchorage and there were heaps of boats in there but most didnt come down as far as we were.
Miles : 9 TTT : 586

Mon 14 Sept - Nara Inlet - Stonehaven
Left Nara at 9.30 and had a lovely little sail to Stonehaven - all still on Hook Island. We tied up to a mooring buoy on the north side of the bay and there was a litle beach there we could get to. We took the bathoscope and had a look at the coral. It was surprisingly good though in places a little sandy/muddy looking. Saw a giant clam. Didnt think they had them here and also lots of antler coral. Sasu came for sundowners.
Miles : 10 TTT : 596

Tues 15 Sept - Stonehaven
Well the wind absolutely howled last night. The boat was steady on the mooring but the noise of the wind was horrible so we left our mooring and headed out to Langord Island but conditions were not nice so we returned and took up another mooring. We decided to go to the south side of Stonehaven where there were two moorings in amongst the reef so when we saw then become available we headed over. Unfortunately a cat had come around the corner with the same intention so we gunned the motor and went for it and so did he! We beat him by about 30 seconds and we got the inner mooring and he got the outer one. We were greeted by the most beautiful turtle who came over to say hullo and swam around the boat and around and under Bob and came right up to us at the back of the boat as if he wanted to come aboard. He stayed for quite some time and allowed us to pat him on the back. So gorgeous. I actually donned the wet suit and went for a quick snorkel but the coral wasnt as good as the other side and yes I did keep looking behind me despite the fact that the skipper and Rosie were in the tender right beside me! There was a lovely little beach to take Rosie so we went in there a couple of times and the view from the other side of the rocks was lovely. Sasu came over to tell us they were heading to Airlie as Gill had to go home for a few days. What a difference a day makes. The weather was beautiful. A lovely calm night. A magic spot!
Miles : 4 TTT : 590

Wed 16 Sept - Stonehaven - Maureen's Cove
We left at 8am and as we motored past Langford Island which was a place we really wanted to go a mooring buoy suddenly became available but there were three large tourist boats there and people everywhere so we kept going. They even had the tourists snorkeling using noodles like in Asia! Another cat did an about turn and raced in to take it when we didnt. We thought later that the tour boats probably moved on to other places and we should have grabbed it but it will keep for another day! We motored around Hayman Island and got a mooring at Maureen's Cove. One of the mooring buoys had a red do not moor buoy on it and what we didnt know but soon found out was it was the Marine Parks boats mooring buoy! We looked at the coral through the bathoscope but werent encouraged to get in though we saw some lovely parrot fish. Took Bob around to Butterfly Bay and took Rosie ashore. Thought about moving round to there but thought if we gave up our mooring we might miss out on the other one. A small barge came in and picked up a couple of campers from the beach and dropped off another couple of campers and late in the afternoon the Marine Parks guys came back in and went ashore for the night. So Rosie didnt get off the boat!
Miles : 10 TTT : 600

Thurs 17 Sept - Maureen's - Whitehaven Beach
We motored to Whitehaven beach round Hook Island. Saw one place we would like to go back to named Peter Bay - looked interesting. It is forecast north west tonight so we are hoping the west part of it comes in or it could be a rolly night. On the way here we saw two dolphins - they are very small dolphins here and they had two little babies - they were only about 18 inches long -they were so cute. Have never seen anything like that before! Anchored off the beach. It is so lovely here - such a white beach. We went ashore for a swim. The water was really warm and so clear. It is really busy up the southern end though and there are two helicopters and three seaplanes coming and going. Very busy but we are further north and not much around - so lovely.

We have midgy bites on our midgy bites!!! Would love some calamine lotion. Skipper turned to brown vinegar. Apparently vinegar and brow paper can fix anything!
Miles: 16 TTT : 616

Fri 18 Sept - Whitehaven - May's Bay
It wasnt a rough night but somewhat disturbed. We think Rosie thought the boat was going along and kept looking up in the cockpit to see if we were there. We had a bit of banging and clashing with things we should have tightened (did in the middle of the night!) and didnt sleep terribly well. We went ashore and then sailed round the corner to a quiet peaceful little bay out of the wind. We took Bob and did the outline of the shore and on to another little beach. Midgies were terrible but it was a lovely peaceful night.
Miles : 14 TTT : 630

PS we have decided to go to Cairns!!