Saturday, September 26, 2015

WEEK 7 : May's Bay to Magnetic Island

Sat 19 Sept - Mays Bay - Cape Gloucester
We left at 6.45am and motor sailed trough the Gloucester Passage round past Montes resort and anchored at 12.15. We walked along the lovely long beach to Montes resort and couldnt believe the number of people there. Lunch was booked out!! It seemed little bit more upmarket than when we were last here. It has been well and truly discovered and lots of people drive up from Airlie. We checked out the Cape Gloucester resort next door. It used to be the Eco Lodge and was quite upmarket but now it has a nice easy going feel to it. We walked along the beach a couple of times and had a quiet night. Could hear the band from the wedding at the resort.
Miles: 32 TTT: 662

Sun 20 Sept - Cape Gloucester
We moved on to a red mooring buoy which it turned out are owned by the Resort and are $25 a night but if you have a meal there its free. We had the loveliest lunch and then entertainment from 1 til 4 which was really good and such a lovely setting. Met a few of the crews from other boats. Rosie came too and nobody minded. In fact there were a few small dogs in there. This was the day we decided to go to Cairns! We felt we had just been floating around the Whitsundays filling in time - now our sails have a purpose!!!

Mon 21 Sept - Gloucester - Grey's Bay, Bowen
Left at 8 and motor sailed past Bowen and around into Gray's Bay which is really pretty. The skipper went off to get some fresh fruit and veg while I sat ashore with Rosie. I got so engrossed in my book that Bob almost floated away. I had to keep pulling him up as the tide came in. It was such a lovely calm morning. The skipper came back in a taxi and I spent the afternoon washing and stowing all our stores. There were a couple of wriggling little red worms came out of the bock choy when I washed it - yuk. Wind came up after we got back to the boat and blew fairly strongly. Comfortable night though. This bay is such a pretty bay with big boulders all round and people use it. There were people and children swimming in the morning and afternoon. The boulders are great for climbing or sunbaking on and there are some lovely walks. Really worth a visit and high on a rock overlooking the bay someone has painted a big stick figure like the Salisbury horse in England!
Miles 13 TTT: 675

Tues 22 Sept - Gray's Bay - Cape Upstart.
We took Rosie ashore and departed at 650. It was a beautiful day with calm seas and we motorsailed all the way to Cape Upstart. Just before we we got to Abbott Point we saw the flippers of a huge whale about 100m away. Huge flippers waving at us. Just before we got in the skipper caught a huge yellow fin tuna so he was really happy. He assured me it is the best eating tuna you can get. A couple of the boats we had met at Cape Gloucester were there and another one came in after us. We took Rosie ashore and explored a couple of beaches and then again in the afternoon.
Miles: 35 TTT : 710

Wed 23 Sept - Cape Upstart - Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island
We took Rosie ashore and motor sailed in flat seas beautiful conditions. We left at 6.30 and had intended to stop at Cape Bowling Green as we have never stopped there before. But we got there around 12 and we knew the seas would be up tomorrow and it was such a lovely day we kept going. We anchored at Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island at 5.15pm. There were around 40 boats in there. We threw the tender in and raced Rosie ashore, much to her relief!! A lovely evening.

Thurs 24 Sept - Magnetic Island
We went in early and had a walk. Nothing much had changed from the last time we were there. Rosie loved the smells and people and dogs. Then it was washing day on Pacific Express and bath day for Rosie. The skipper did a few trips ashore to replenish the water jerries and then we walked the foreshore. It is really busy here with school holidays - water sports, jetskis etc. Sat on the deck chairs on the deck in the evening but had a pretty rolly night with the swell coming into the bay.

Fri 25 Sept - Magnetic Island
Walked through the busy area and then walked the deserted beach. I went right to the end while the skipper and Rosie waited half way. We disturbed an eagle about 10 ft way from us killing its fish. Quite a sizeable fish and it had huge talons. It had a big nest a bit further down the beach and I could hear the chicks. While Rosie and the skipper were waiting the horses and riders went past twice and Rosie thought that was pretty interesting. As we walked back the riders had changed into their swimmers and all the horses went into the water and walked along in the sea up to their shoulders then they all faced the shore then turned and walked back again - quite an amazing sight! We had another rolly night so decided to leave tomorrow.

Cheers all. Sorry its so boring but there really is not much happening!!!